COWs Mobile Storage

We now have COWs mobile storage containers for your benefit!

View our COWs (Container On Wheels) mobile container website at:

We can drop a container off at your location, you can fill it up at your leisure, you call us when it’s loaded and we deliver it to your new location!  It’s that simple.  No trucks to rent or drive, no fuel or insurance for a rented truck, no worry about the weather during your “one day” move. Take your time filling up the mobile container and let us move it for you.

We even have relationships with local movers to help you save money.  Utilize the professionals to load and unload the heavy items, and you load and unload all the smaller items at your leisure.  This way you only pay for services you need.  Either way, we will place the container at your location and move it to your new location for you.  You just call us when you want it moved and you only pay for the days you use the unit.  It’s that simple.

You can also use the containers to help “de-clutter” your home while you try to sell it.  The container can be placed at your house so you still have convenient access to your items, but they are out of the way for showing the house to prospective buyers.  And then when the house sells, we can move the container to your new location and you can unload there at your convenience.

Another use is if you are doing renovations to your home.  New carpet, painting, remodeling, room additions, etc.  We can place a container at your home and you clean out the space being renovated. When work is complete, you simply move your items back into your house and we take the container away.

Contractors may be interested in using the containers to store their materials while they work on job sites.

And if you have longer term storage needs, we can use the mobile containers to move your contents into our month to month mini storage units.  Again we place the container at your location, you load it up, call us when you are ready, and we can place it close to your mini storage unit for you to unload at your convenience. Just call us when you are done and we will take the container away.  You can even use the help of professional movers with this service as well.

The options are endless!  Just give us a call to help with your mobile storage needs.

Or, check out our COWs mobile container website:

2 thoughts on “COWs Mobile Storage

  1. Im interested in renting a cow unit. I believe I would need a 16′ container. Could you please let me know if you have have one available and what the cost would be. Thank you.

    • Joni,

      Thank you for your inquiry into our COWs mobile storage. We have a couple available and can usually deliver them with a days notice.
      They are very easy to use and we deliver them right to your location. Feel free to contact our office for all the details. The office is open M – F from noon – 4pm. Please call 740-382-6258 or stop in at 737 Richmond Ave, right behind King Saver (the old Community Market) grocery store.

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