Upcoming Bin Auctions

Until further notice, we are not performing “on-site” auctions.  We will be doing our auctions “on-line” with a website called STORAGETREASURES.COM   Auctions will be around the third Friday of the month, so please check the STORAGETREASURES.COM  website for current listings.  Thank you!

If you click on the following link, it will take you to Storagetreasures.com and any auctions we have in progress at this time.  Thank you for visiting!





Have you seen the TV show “Storage Wars” or “Auction Hunter”?  Well, we have the same thing at our storage units.  Our auctions are on the third Friday of each month.  The next auction is:

July 17, 2015   Starting at 11:30 am at Fairpark Mini Storage (737 Richmond Ave).  From there, we go to Bellefontaine Ave Mini Storage (640 Bellefontaine Ave) if we have units there to sell.  Then we go to Downtown Mini Storage (366 W. Center St.) if we have units there to sell.  Then we go to Grandview Mini Storage (3030 Pole Lane Rd.) if we have units there to sell.

Currently, we have the following sizes for auction:

  •   5 x 10   =   0           There is no auction ON SITE this month…
  •   8 x 15   =   0           We may have a couple ON LINE auctions,
  •                                  visit STORAGEBATTLES.COM for details       
  • 10 x 10   =   0              0 units are at Fairpark Mini Storage
  • 10 x 15   =   0              0 units are at Bellefontaine Ave Mini Storage
  • 13 x 15   =   0              0 units are at Downtown Mini Storage
  • 10 x 20   =   0              0 units are at Grandview Mini Storage
  • TOTAL   =   0              0  Total units to auction

NOTE:  Customers can pay their delinquent fees up until 4:00 pm July 10, 2015, which will pull their unit from the auction.  So, this information can change up until July 10th.  This page will be updated daily with the number of units and sizes all the way through the week of the auction.  Please check back for further updates.

Auctions are simple.  We sell the whole unit (all the contents) as one to the highest bidder.  We do not sell individual items.  Also, we DO NOT go through the units before hand, so you can rest assured that we didn’t “cherry pick” any items before the sale.  Payment is with cash or credit card (4% fee for credit card payment).  There is a $25 refundable deposit and you have thru the weekend to clean the unit.  When the unit is empty and swept out, we refund your $25 deposit.

One change is that we will open the units the week of the auction to verify the unit is not empty.  There is nothing worse than having everybody prepared to bid only to open an empty unit.  We will not go through the unit, simply open the door to verify it isn’t empty and then close and re-lock the unit.

In the future, we hope to be setup so you can enter your e-mail and we will provide you with e-mail updates regarding the auctions.  Watch for these new additions.

Feel free to contact us at 740.382.6258 for more information.